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Most of the finds came from a medieval 'midden' or rubbish dump which contained animal bone, leather and greenglazed pottery.
According to Hafez Fekri, the head of the General Authority for Cleanliness in Giza, the Mariutia rubbish dump caters for the even bigger dump in the desert hinterland in Shabramant, which is far removed from residential agglomerations.
It can come from natural methanisation of urban waste in rubbish dumps (the biogas produced is then collected) or can be produced via a digester (voluntary methanisation).
A COUNCIL leader is being urged to resign - because a rubbish dump has cost almost pounds 1m more than the original estimate.
A famously neglected industrial area, it was variously a brickworks, an abattoir, naval armaments arsenal and a rubbish dump.
Years before the golf course was there the land was a rubbish dump for many year.
A MAN who turned his neighbourhood into a rubbish dump and abused anyone who challenged him has been the first in the country to be hit with an injunction.
Is this now what our council think of us, a rubbish dump for Merseyside and a site that Tesco can do whatever they see fit, ignoring residents, local traders and the results of a public inquiry?
THIS stinking ten-foot high rubbish dump at a Coventry home is putting people's health and lives at risk, claim angry neighbours.
RESIDENTS of the villages neighbouring the Marathounda rubbish dump in Yeroskipou are up in arms over continuing sleepless nights caused by thick smoke belching out of fires burning at the tip.
Tourist hotspots such as the West Highland Way and Loch Lomond, as well as smaller parks, have become Scotland's rubbish dump with more than 38,000 cases of flytipping this year alone.
CAMPAIGNERS trying to stop Buckley becoming 'the rubbish dump of Wales' have protested over the time given for consultation about the crucial regional waste plan.
During this work a rubbish bin by a bus stop was removed and not put back, resulting in the pavement and grass quickly becoming a rubbish dump.
Opponents of the Biffa quarry site, near Houghton-le-Spring town centre, have launched a petition on the Government's website in a bid to get the massive rubbish dump closed down.
A CENTURIES old university degree scroll has been rescued from a cabinet bound for the rubbish dump.