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After three years the landlords are still putting the wrong rubbish bags out on the wrong day, with so many bags that you wonder what state the tenants were living in.
The residents claim area business community and hospitals are dumping rubbish indiscriminately.
The 'Rubbish Youths' have picked up nearly 10,000 cigarette butts from Sihanoukville's Ochheuteal Beach over the past two weekends, after launching a campaign to collect one million butts from Cambodia's coastal areas to keep the beaches clean.
When we arrive back in Liverpool, you see rubbish everywhere.
Back to the dark ages, well not quite, but the rubbish on our streets isn't the most welcoming sights.
clean every day' campaign on Monday urging people that would follow the tradition of eating outdoors to clean up after themselves and not leave rubbish in the countryside.
Hundreds of people sifted through a vast wasteland of rubbish strewn across a beach in Indonesia on Thursday, underscoring the Southeast Asian archipelago's mammoth marine waste problem.
Two men from Kajang have been voluntarily picking up rubbish at rallies and demonstrations since Bersih 1, which was more than a decade ago.
A worried tenants' group called a halt to a clear out of rubbish when a pile of bin bags, old beds and prams threatened to engulf a close in Foxbar.
DO YOUR neighbours leave their rubbish bins outside their house for days at a time?
A WOMAN has hit out at fly-tippers who have dumped piles of rubbish at a county beauty spot.
Recyling firm Renewi has announced it will refuse to take rubbish at the region's waste sites from next month prompting fears of mass fly-tipping.