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Synonyms for rub



rub off on someone


  • influence
  • affect
  • be transferred to
  • be passed on to
  • have an effect on
  • be transmitted to

rub something in


rub something or someone down

Synonyms for rub

to remove or invalidate by or as if by running a line through or wiping clean

rub out: to take the life of (a person or persons) unlawfully

a tricky or unsuspected condition


Synonyms for rub

an unforeseen obstacle

the act of rubbing or wiping

cause friction

scrape or rub as if to relieve itching


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After all, we have an office that's a melting pot of different nationalities and religions, all rubbing along happily in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance that would bring a smile to the face of the United Nations - although one of our number has a violent and, may I say, irrational aversion to cucumbers.
Do you know there is a lot to be said from just rubbing along with people.
Do we want the McNamaras to be in your face millionaires, munching caviar in a golden mansion, or every-day Joe Soaps, just rubbing along like the rest of us?
Anglo-French relations were rubbing along quite nicely until a couple of months ago when, searching about for something to take the heat of his humiliating defeat over the European Constitution, which was in reality the French people's verdict on his Government, he eyed up our rebate.
Ex-partners who have been rubbing along quite nicely could find themselves in a fresh battleground.