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Synonyms for rubbing

the resistance encountered when one body is moved in contact with another

representation consisting of a copy (as of an engraving) made by laying paper over something and rubbing it with charcoal

Related Words

effort expended in moving one object over another with pressure

References in classic literature ?
He plodded on with bowed head, unobservant, mechanically rubbing nose and cheeks, and batting his steering hand against the gee-pole in the straight trail-stretches.
Clinging to the gee-pole with his right band and with his left rubbing cheeks and nose, he stumbled over the rope as the dogs swung on a bend.
No, no, no, sir," remonstrates Grandfather Smallweed, cunningly rubbing his spare legs.
Why it works: Rubbing the towel against both items transfers a negative charge to them.
Tenders are invited for 66 ea 8~-9" rubbing edge member north wales station provide platform rubbing edge strips and per the specification for platform rubbing edge; 66 ea 7~-3" rubbing edge member.
Observe: Rubbing one object against another object can create static electricity.
Rub THE rubbing system goes like this: rub palms together until soap is bubbly, then rub each palm over the back of the other hand, and then rub between your fingers on each hand.
The buck was in no hurry to get anywhere, and he spent nearly an hour browsing on acorns and occasionally making sawdust by vigorously rubbing his polished antlers on the many saplings.
A TREE rubbing collage is a fun outdoor craft - a great one for the park this summer.
If you want a high polish finish, then keep rubbing until the wax appears that way.
Hall and Gill 2005; Bennett and Coulson 2008); however, there is nothing conjectural about the observed impacts caused by antler rubbing because native mammals do not possess antlers.
Head rubbing, also called bunting, is a common normal behavior in cats and is believed to be a form of olfactory communication.
Deer help this process by rubbing their antlers against tree trunks.
Admiring something in her collection will prompt her to take out soft papers, wrap it up, then share its gentle rubbing.