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Synonyms for rubberstamp

stamp with a rubber stamp, usually an indication of official approval on a document


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approve automatically

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As a result, we believe they will be less likely to rubberstamp corporate management's proposals and more likely to take an independent view of what is in the best interests of shareholders," added Adam Kanzer, General Counsel and Director of Shareholder Advocacy at Domini.
ALAN Murphy hit his first goal of the season to rubberstamp Galway's win at Terryland Park.
Unless we have a clear understanding, a clear sight of what those are, it would be foolish for the PUP to take its place in the upcoming talks and be used simply for a pat on the head and to rubberstamp something we have not been party to.
The Army believes Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon will rubberstamp plans to send women to war and is making preparations.
Hutchinson is expected to rubberstamp a pounds 3m Zola deal, before tempting Parma with a pounds 6m bid for Croatian midfielder Stanic.