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Synonyms for rubberneck

a tourist who is visiting sights of interest

a person who stares inquisitively

strain to watch

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And as much as many of us like an occasional morsel of juicy gossip--I confess to having rubbernecked a bit at the checkout counter to see how Burt and Loni are doing--things have probably gotten out of hand when the Buttofucos, Bobbitts, and Hardings fill the whole canvas of our evening TV schedules.
But the cost of a check-up for just pounds 16 - when private dentists will charge triple that amount - suggested I could be sat among the fruit and veg while gawping customers rubbernecked from the tinned goods aisle.
TRAFFIC on the Forth Road Bridge ground to a halt yesterday as motorists rubbernecked a bizarre scene of giant Easter bunnies marching past their cars.