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Synonyms for rubberneck

a tourist who is visiting sights of interest

a person who stares inquisitively

strain to watch

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Further, it showed Rubberneck and another guard had just left the compound.
If you'd rather walk to your retail therapy, The Wyndham is close to the Kings Road where you can rubberneck at the socialites and models who love its chic boutiques, vintage stores, interior shops and antiques market.
Occasionally, however, a full summerplumaged adult will appear and pull in the crowds: a steady trickle of admirers lined Rhos-on-Sea promenade, causing drivers to instinctively rubberneck at the spectacle.
A huge crowd gathered to rubberneck after the vehicle knocked off two plastic hard shoulders and plunged into the pit in Tianjin, northern China.
We swap stories about near misses and narrow escapes We rubberneck at accident sites.
It's pretty clear that the overriding purpose of Britain's Got Talent is to give viewers and spectators in the audience the opportunity to jeer and rubberneck at halfwits.
I had worked with Oz in a funk band called Rubberneck and with Ian and Dave in other bands and I thought to myself: 'I want these people involved when I get my own band together'.
Part of me, the part that likes to rubberneck on the highway as I pass a car accident, would love to have seen that room.
Watching a Blood Brothers' show is like seeing a scheduled car crash, on one hand you want to turn the other away but on the other hand you want to rubberneck and see all the carnage.
As I flew by in hot pursuit of my husband who was breaking every motoring offence known to Kiwi, I did however manage to see PC Plod rub his eyes and rubberneck to see if what he had seen was a trick of the light, or whether a lone British car had somehow landed on Kiwi soil.
The idea behind the campaign, he said, is not to fine vehicles that obstruct traffic but to teach people not to rubberneck in the first place.
If every rubberneck who'd turned up for a squint of James Turner Street had left a tenner, we'd be hearing none of this victimhood piffle.
Broadfoot winced as if he had just seen a nasty car crash and although some people like to rubberneck road accidents the Sky Sports director snubbed the sadistic ghouls by refusing to show Valencia's ankle break.