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While it may be fair to say councils have no choice but to collude in this cramming, it might also be said that inviting objections to rubber-stamp decisions is bordering on duping the public.
The decision must have seemed routine to the council members that day, seeing as how they routinely rubber-stamp settlements for political expediency.
He does not even want to go to a rubber-stamp court like the FISA court to obtain permission.
BELARUS will--with North Korea--remain the only country in the world whose textile exports to the European Union (EU) are restricted by quotas, under a temporary 2005 agreement awaiting a rubber-stamp from EU ministers.
I can't see any point in voting in the elections for Euro MPs since there is no such thing as a private member's bill in the European Parliament; the Euro MPs merely rubber-stamp decisions taken by the non-elected and corrupt European Commissioners.
The Tynecastle board met last night and were expected to rubber-stamp the Finnish keeper's four-year contract, which should be officially announced on Thursday.
In a nation known for rubber-stamp elections for the PRI, Mexicans exercised their constitutional right.
DOE office for rubber-stamp approval, after which the DOE accommodatingly wrote a check.
The Institute believes it indicates a growing tendency among courts to look closely at fairness issues in these situations and not simply rubber-stamp clearly irrational verdicts and legal holdings.