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going about to look at places of interest

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Ferguson's first lieutenant was undoubtedly Keane and so their mutual bitterness no longer seems like great theatre, rather like rubber-necking at a car crash.
As you can see she's beautiful, and every day I walk down the street with her and see men with their wives rubber-necking to get a better look at her.
Still, the voluminous detail Bosworth unearths is so car-wreck fascinating, you can't help rubber-necking to see the bodies.
Talk about rubber-necking on a grand and sickening scale.
But what is just as disturbing as Amy's behaviour is the attitude of the rubber-necking public.
Nonetheless, in much the same way as one might gawp at a car crash, I remained glued to the action, rubber-necking from behind the kitchen door as the bloke who plays the boring one in Coronation Street proved that he is an utterly engaging man by impersonating Perry Como.
No doubt the West Angeles Cathedral will provoke inspiration among the faithful - not to mention rubber-necking among passers-by.
There were seemingly as many rubber-necking, incredulous spectators as there were demonstrators and police, a gathering which was swiftly scattered by the arrival of an errant rock on a man's shin.
Some of their window displays have been blamed for causing rubber-necking car crashes and pavement accidents - one Christmas exhibit featured a cheekily-shaped tree spurting snow from the top and even prompted phone calls to the police.
The rubber-necking exercise that has become Albion's 2013/14 remains an unresolved saga.
e But Nasa have quickly reported that the planet in question poses no risk to us at all and will just be rubber-necking us on the way past.
The situation is not being helped by other youngsters who are not physically involved but are encouraging the carry on by rubber-necking in their thousands at the uploaded material.
Cultural rubber-necking it may be, but Leo Maguire's film about fighting for two traveller fathers is a serious look at male pride, tradition and ingrained violence.
Nine in 10 admit to rubber-necking at accidents on the side of the road.
The sumptuous surroundings sparked some rubber-necking (you'll love the huge prints of Highland cattle adorning the walls - well, until you order the steak and start feeling guilty) and the TV studiostyle lights hanging from the ceiling give the restaurant a genuine sense of theatre.