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small genus of South American trees yielding latex

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This researched aimed to evaluate the development of 12 rubber tree clones in northwestern Minas Gerais, in order to evaluate their behavior through biometric variables and survival in culture conditions in the town of Paracatu from 62 to 128 months.
With The Rubber Tree we're going to be doing Malaysian street food, high-end cocktails and everything will be freshly made," he said.
Plant biomass estimates in rubber tree plantations of different ages and grown in potentially dissimilar conditions in southern Brazil (CUNHA et al.
I was tempted to ask Nick what he knew about rubber tree plants, and the carrying capacity of ants, but some questions are best suited to Google.
But the dandelion can be harvested the same year it is planted, rather than after the five to seven years it takes a rubber tree to mature.
The study was conducted in a rubber tree plantation of a private property known as Retiro Sao Luiz, located on Km 7 of Rodovia AP-010 highway in the municipality of Santana, in the southeast region of the state of Amapa, Brazil (00[degrees] 02' S and 51[degrees] 13' W).
This reference for researchers and rubber plantation managers describes the biology, physiology, plant structure, and breeding of the Heavea rubber tree, offering information applicable to rubber production around the world.
Bridgestone Corporation has announced that it has successfully decoded the main genome sequence for Hevea brasiliensis - commonly known as the rubber tree - a tropical tree native to Brazil and currently the only plant that can produce natural latex rubber as a raw material for industrial applications.
Tokyo, July 10, 2012 - (JCN) - Bridgestone has successfully decoded the main genome sequence for Hevea brasiliensis, a euphorbiaceous plant material for producing latex commonly known as the rubber tree, which produces latex.
Abstract: The tingid Leptopharsa heveae, known as the lace bug, occurs in large populations in rubber tree plantations, limiting the production of latex due to losses of photosynthetic area and weakening of the infested trees.
To achieve its self-sufficiency, Brazil has to expand the planted area and develop new rubber tree clones with high productivity, quality and uniformity, which are the foremost characteristics aimed by industries.
The deals with Yulex are in line with Ansell's strategy to boost the development of innovative products and at the same time cut on the use of rubber tree latex, said Magnus Nicolin, the company CEO.
Jean-Francois Guillon (above), AfriRen Chief Executive, said, "The processing of the rubber tree into woodchips, its road transportation, as well as its export on bulk vessels to Europe will use new methods and forestry technology which have never been seen in this country before.
The adjacent box contained a slightly more successful cast, as the wax for just a few rubber tree leaves had leaked into an amorphous form.