rubber tire

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a tire consisting of a rubber ring around the rim of an automobile wheel

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The base of the pyramidal absorber was made of a combination of rice husks are added to rubber tire dust (carbon black); polyester was used as a bonding agent, and methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) was used as a hardener agent.
Scientists at Oregon State University replaced 12% of the energy-intensive silica that's used as a reinforcing filler in rubber tires with microcrystalline cellulose, which can be derived from waste wood or plant material.
But Amerityre does not wish to supplant the big rubber tire makers--only to collaborate with them, showing them a cheaper, more efficient way to make a superior tire.
Tires based on polyurethane elastomer technology could push rubber tires off the road.
two-way plow, operator and cellular phone loader, on demand if needed, rubber tire mounted, articulated, minimum 2 cy bucket with operator and cellular phone loader rubber tire mounted with 600t/hr.
If it's your rover, your odd-job machine, the rubber tire [handler] has a distinct advantage," Sutherland says.
Liebherr is providing Portroe with Rubber Tire Gantry (RTG) cranes for denser stacking capabilities.
The Burbank/Chandler corridor could be made into a very useful rubber tire transit guideway.
Reprocessable recycling TPEs from rubber powder--mechanical properties and applications of durometer A types," Henrik Scholz and Armin Dittmar, Faru GmbH, Germany; and "Thermoplastic elastomers based on ground rubber tire," Eduard Prut, Tatiana Medintseva and Olga Kuznetsova, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia.
Invitation for Bid: Supply & delivery of one(1) rubber tire backhoe
EarthFirst Technologies, Tampa, FL, a specialized holding company engaged in the research, development and commercialization of technologies for the production of alternative fuel sources and the destruction and/or remediation of liquid and solid waste, and in supplying electrical contracting services internationally, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, World Environmental Solutions, has entered into a licensing agreement valued at over $20 million with Ireland-based Midwest Transport Limited to build rubber tire remediation plants in Ireland and the United Kingdom.
The bard rubber tire platform has proven reliable," says Alberico.
and Terry Kenneth Woods Assigned: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Abstract: A rubber tire component (10) is laden with a mixture of fibers (12).
Pneumatic rubber tire for the new buses or trucks .
Keywords: Use of processing aids to improve the dispersion of silica reinforcing filler in rubber tire treadstock.