rubber eraser

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an eraser made of rubber (or of a synthetic material with properties similar to rubber)

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There are mice designed to resemble Mickey Mouse; there are upside-down mice, called trackballs; there are small, flat surfaces built into a keyboard with which a moving finger maneuvers the screen cursor; and there are devices squeezed between the H and J keys of a keyboard that look like a rubber eraser at the end of a pencil (wriggling the tip steers the cursor on the screen).
Pilot also is promoting its Frixion line of pens with heat-sensitive ink that turns transparent when pressure is applied via the pen's rubber eraser.
I showed them how to use their fingers to smudge the charcoal to create a feeling of depth and mystery on the mask and also the use of a kneaded rubber eraser to draw into the charcoal lines.
The company's Frixion line of pens feature heat-sensitive ink that turns transparent when pressure is applied via the pen's rubber eraser.
Contract awarded for purchase of office supplies, staples, paper clips, clip jumbo, marker highlighter, permanent marker, transparent tape 2 "roll tape small, large rubber eraser, rubber boat 8oz.
Devised by the sometimes-Sanaa-based Salwa Aleryani, the work is made completely from rubber erasers.
The most common are rubber erasers, paper wads, pebbles, beads, marbles, beans, safety pins, washers, nuts, sponges, and chalk.
We added color with relief prints carved on rubber erasers or simply by adding colorful stickers.
The prototype was made of wood, poster board and rubber erasers, but the students now want to build their desk for trial sale, using a cast iron base and plywood desk.
Contract are awarded for 4 Resmas Linen Paper 300 Folder T / C3 Bale of Chocolates 3 Dozen Colors 10 Sheets of Fomy 36 Boxes of Crayons 13 Dozen Pencils Graphite 2 Dozen Plasticina 15 Lbs Wire Mooring 300 Sheets Papelillo 15 Rolls Maskin Tape 10 Sheets Construction Paper 1 Gallon Glue 10 Sheets Paper Corrugated 3 Guns Silicon 30 Bars of Silicon 8 Bags of Eyeball 5 Scissors 2 Soldering Irons 15 Pieces of Construction Paper 5 Bags of Pipe Cleaners 3 Reams Bond T / C 3 Bags of Colored Pompoms 20 Straws 400 Bags Ribbons Boxes for Sealing Boxes 2 Reams Bondt / C 600 Sketchbooks Rubber Erasers 900 100 Black Ink Pencil Sharpener 4000 1700 8000 Graphite Pencil Assignment Notebooks 80/160 1 Cartridge Hp 221 Black Ink Cartridge Hp 222 Black 1
1) Most of these foreign bodies are toys and other small objects, such as pieces of paper, rubber erasers, pebbles, beads, marbles, beans, safety pins, washers, nuts, pieces of sponge and chalk, etc.