rubber cement

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an adhesive made by dissolving unvulcanized rubber in a solvent like benzene or naphtha

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After using the threaded rod and removing much of the membrane, adhere the 80 grit sand paper to one end of the wooden dowel with the rubber cement, making sure that the edge of the sandpaper is flush with the end of the dowel.
Attach the striped paper to a piece of blue construction paper with rubber cement or spray adhesive; the two pieces do not have to fit together perfectly because the paper will be cut down to a smaller size later.
The chemical can be found in plastics, fibers, drugs, lacquer solvents, gum and resin dissolvers, rubber cement, other chemicals, and some cleaning fluids.
I had fun anyway, forgetting the fact that I put rubber cement and Ductape on my board to keep it together, and Ductape on the ollieside of my sneaker.
Common inhalants used to get high include rubber cement, paint thinner, nail polish remover, gasoline, correction fluids, and bleach.
Inside the rubber, the new tire has a layer of sticky, goopy material much like rubber cement.
The workplace welter of electronics gobbles watts, the office copier fairly inhales paper, and the air is tainted with the toxic perfume wafting from furniture, carpeting and rubber cement.
A rubber cement is usually applied to the "buffed" tire casing to provide building tack.
Paint thinner, fingernail polish remover, or rubber cement thinner will help to remove the glue from the label and the bottom.
He recounts a fourth grade class in which a classmate poured rubber cement on his model of the Acropolis and set it on fire.
The resulting "polymer-in-salt" material has the consistency of rubber cement, making it stretchy enough to withstand changes in volume during the discharging and recharging of a battery And it readily conducts lithium ions.
Baker: no period editors, and it was a moment in which the mechanics of rubber cement entered my life.
com/reports/c62241) has announced the addition of "The 2007-2012 Outlook for Solvent-Type Rubber Cement for Sale in Greater China" to their offering.
Working with floor coverings, floor coverings made of natural rubber on cement screed - Natural rubber cement screed EC - 5th floor: approx 3300 mA,- Skirting solid wood EC - 5th floor: approx 2800 m.
We used a line of rubber cement to adhere the snowdrift mask.