rubber cement

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an adhesive made by dissolving unvulcanized rubber in a solvent like benzene or naphtha

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oil-based paints, turpentine, benzene, toluene, and rubber cement and its thinner
After using the threaded rod and removing much of the membrane, adhere the 80 grit sand paper to one end of the wooden dowel with the rubber cement, making sure that the edge of the sandpaper is flush with the end of the dowel.
Blanc then describes the use of benzene as a solvent for rubber cement and its attendant effects on the bone marrow, and polymer sealants such as nitrocellulose dissolved in tetrachloroethane when benzene was diverted to munitions manufacture during World War I.
rubber cement or spray adhesive for mounting photos
Cardboard Boat Races: (North Bay and Bracebridge) Hosted by the OYAP coordinators of each region, this all day event allowed students to design, construct and test out watercraft made of cardboard, duct tape and rubber cement.
We started on my kitchen table with an Apple He and a can of rubber cement," says Peterson.
After investigating the problem, we found we'd used rubber cement instead of PVC glue.
Instead of rubber cement, stick to paste, glue sticks, or white glue.
MATERIALS: Ruler * Red felt-tip pen * White paper * Blue construction paper * Rubber cement * Scissors * Pencil * Utility knife Pushpins * 18-inch-long dowels * Small beads * Straight pins * Hot-glue gun
Participants need to bring scissors and a jar of rubber cement.
The chemical can be found in plastics, fibers, drugs, lacquer solvents, gum and resin dissolvers, rubber cement, other chemicals, and some cleaning fluids.
I had fun anyway, forgetting the fact that I put rubber cement and Ductape on my board to keep it together, and Ductape on the ollieside of my sneaker.
Common inhalants used to get high include rubber cement, paint thinner, nail polish remover, gasoline, correction fluids, and bleach.
On May 15, busty American actress Stacy Burke, almost immobile in fireproof clothing, was covered in French rubber cement and set on fire to tout Quantum Entertainment's "Doomsdayer 2.
Inside the rubber, the new tire has a layer of sticky, goopy material much like rubber cement.