rubber bullet

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a bullet made of hard rubber

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Because of their ability to maim and kill people, rubber bullets should not be used as a tool for crowd control, concluded researchers in a study published in December in BMJ Open.
He was the first person in the Troubles to die from a rubber bullet.
The confrontations erupted when Israeli forces violently stormed the town amid heavy firing of live ammunition and rubber bullets, local sources said, adding that young men responded by throwing stone at the Israeli military vehicles.
In addition to tear gas canisters, rubber bullets rained down immediately and indiscriminately, spreading hundreds of yards beyond where the men stood to a residential part of the camp, striking the medic tent, children playing in the grass and a space marked for vulnerable families nearby.
When police fired rubber bullets at the demonstrators, one hit the child on the head, leaving him bleeding, said Shiva Patel, general secretary of the regional Sadbhawana party.
26 mm with a rubber bullet type Bak in the amount of 25 000 units.
Coun Stockdale said that he was hit by a rubber bullet as he fled which, he believes, had ricocheted off the floor.
The leader of the opposition Wefaq party Sheikh Ali Salman was hit on the chest and shoulder by a rubber bullet and a teargas canister on Friday, the movement said in a statement.
Some were peaceful, but others ended in clashes between masked protesters and riot police - who used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds.
Aramin died from a rubber bullet shot by a border guard during a clash with rock-throwing youths.
I was hit in the back with a rubber bullet and a sound bomb exploded next to John.
A MAN who threatened to kill police with a samurai sword had to be brought down with a rubber bullet, a court has heard.
An AFL-CIO staff member was hit by a rubber bullet while trying to leave the scene.
On the other side of the barricade were hordes of federal, provincial, and local riot policemen armed with tear gas and rubber bullet rifles, plus Canadian army troops with dogs.
24 in federal court charging the Los Angeles Police Department with deliberately targeting members of the media in its baton, pepper gas and rubber bullet attacks on the crowd at a Rage Against the Machine concert Aug.