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in a royal manner

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Thus Chaka spoke while the blood ran down him to the ground, and again he looked on them royally, like a buck at gaze.
He was at home here, and he held his own royally in the badinage, bristling with slang and sharpness, that was always the preliminary to getting acquainted in these swift-moving affairs.
I HOLIDAYED in Hastings last year and visited Battle, where English forces got royally stuffed by the Normans in 1066.
Filled with sass, charm, snark and passion, it's royally fun.
Summary: New Delhi [India], November 1 (ANI): Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput look royally in love as they debut together on a magazine cover.
uk 4 CAMO ON OVER Be a stealth shopper with this print canvas bag, PS18, Topshop 5 FLUFF ENOUGH Shoulder the burden with this pom pom trim backpack, PS9, Primark 6 ROYALLY GOOD Be the queen of shops with this London Cecil Beaton Queen Elizabeth II foldaway shopper, PS13.
The fully staffed salon/spa is loyal and treats clients royally.
So, spare a thought for Paul Gorrie, who got royally stitched up in front a 6,357 crowd at Mansfield Town - as he was set up to be The Stags' matchday mascot for the game against Notts County.
PRINCE Charles looks royally scared as his laughing wife picks up a kitchen knife and tells him: "Behave yourself.
Targets of the Thursday night attacks included residential areas, a Buddhist temple, telecommunications and waterworks buildings, a local government office and a royally sponsored development project.
Although the honour has been given for his charity work, particularly Comic Relief, I will be selfish, for he has kept me royally entertained through his career from comedy to critically acclaimed straight roles in later years.
HER Aussie comeback single may have flopped royally - selling just 393 copies - but Geri Halliwell's still good at dishing out girl power.
Sturrock was royally shafted, principally by chairman Ron Martin.
8 billion redevelopment get approved are royally higher.
Summary: Jordan's King Abdullah II said Tuesday it may take "at least two or three years" to put in place an elected government to replace a royally appointed one.