royal road

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an auspicious way or means to achieve something

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Depending on market conditions and other factors, including Royal Road's business and financial condition, Barrick may, subject to the investor rights agreement entered into in connection with the transaction, acquire additional ordinary shares or other securities of Royal Road or dispose of some or all of the ordinary shares or other securities of Royal Road that it owns at such time.
Royal Road said it had made a deal with the battling parties.
Living in Royal Road at the time, Fuzz - real name Richard - recalls how neighbour Mrs Everett would be phoning up the police at the drop of his hi-hat.
The only genuine scandal of this royal road trip is that Prince Harry is pants at pool.
Sandy Spring Bank, a subsidiary of Sandy Spring Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: SASR), has said that it has opened a new branch in Northern Virginia's Springfield market in the Ravensworth Shopping Centre at 5250 Port Royal Road.
The branch is located in the Ravensworth Shopping Center at 5250 Port Royal Road, the bank said.
The Yazili Canyon Nature park is one of the areas traversed by the legendary Royal Road of antiquity.
ROYAL Road in Sutton Coldfield and King Edwards Close in Perry Barr are planning to party to celebrate Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding next Friday.
They may notice spot repairs rather than long sections of repaving," Pierce said of motorists who might notice work this summer across the city on the neediest parts of streets possibly to include Port Royal Road and Depot Street.
Efes first attained importance in the first century BC, due to its position as a sheltered harbour and the starting point of the royal road leading to Susa, the capital of the Persian Empire.
at 23 Royal Road in Flemington, reported that it has leased a total of 3,700 s/f of space within the company's corporate headquarters to two newly elected government officials.
The royal road system evolved in response to the need to deploy troops rapidly throughout imperial territories.
Goddard Memorial Drive, entire; Lyon Street, Lyon Place to Albany Street; Main Street, Gates Lane to town line; Maranda Street, Grafton Street to Simone Street; Millbrook Street, entire; Mulberry Street, Prospect Street to Shelby Street; North Street, Grove Street to Byron Street, Page Street, entire; Rice Square intersection; Royal Road, Clover Street to Edlin Street; Sterling Street, entire; Sturgis Street, entire; Washington Square; Wawecus Road, entire; West Boylston Street, Grove Street to West Boylston Drive; Westland Street, entire.
When the deputies turned around, the suspects sped off, but were arrested a short time later near The Old Road and Royal Road, the report said.
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