royal flush

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a poker hand with the ace, king, queen, jack, and 10 all in the same suit

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29 July 2016 - Orange County California-based plumbing, heating, and air company Greenstar Home Services has acquired California-based HVAC company Royal Flush Plumbing, the company said.
LAS VEGAS -- The Las Vegas Handball Club along with the WPH and Rich Abajian/ Findlay Toyota hosted the 34th Annual Royal Flush Singles over the Aug.
I fell in love with the pictures and the stories," Zappa told Royal Flush magazine.
One of these was the strictly reconnaissance Royal Flush held annually between the 2d and 4th Allied Tactical Air Forces.
With the assistance of Shelly, a flamboyant former bartender on the boat, and his little sister, a ferocious biter, Noah hatches 'Operation Royal Flush,' a plan to bring down the bad guys.
Jonny Magic doesn't get that far, and its rah-rah tunnel-vision is what ultimately makes it a straight draw, instead of the royal flush it could have been.
Eddie performed his "Gunslinger Deluxe Action Job" on the Royal Flush.
Or maybe keeling over from a heart attack after drawing a royal flush at an all-night poker game.
He had been through defeat, disgrace, divorce, bankruptcy (later annulled) and jail--'a royal flush of crises by anyone's standards'.
Manufactures the Royal Flush, the world's only flushable, self-cleaning bedside commode.
As all the world knows I have had to handle a royal flush of crises: defeat, disgrace, despair, divorce, bankruptcy and jail"
All of which suggests the theater -- on occasion -- does allow for a truly royal flush.
A lethal combination -- for Garrick-Aug's competitors -- and a royal flush for those who work with this team.
The losing hand of quad jacks received $15,105 and the winning hand of a royal flush won $8,350.
FLUSHED OUT A Royal Flush The Space on the Mile until August 26.