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a holder attached to the gunwale of a boat that holds the oar in place and acts as a fulcrum for rowing

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As I said I was picking the rice and this black rowlock flew up on the table and decided to help me pick it too.
A troupe of all-singing, all- dancing street entertainers such as Captain Rowlock, Unable Seaman Bilge and Madame Fanton Danton - a walking skeleton - will keep the kids amused while mum and dad get a chance to sample the local ales.
My memory of the rowlock was fading after thirty-two years.
Among the events include a sensational African brass band and street theatre that sees the likes of Rowlock and Bilge causing havoc down by Salthouse Dock or the dazzling delights of the Natural TheatreCompany at the Britannia Pavilion.
The scientifically designed angular shape of the innovative GACO gated rowlock holds an oar in the ideal position for an effective rowing stroke.
Amid the confusion of the rushing water, the creak of the rowlocks, the straining of sinews as the oars cleave the current, there's something else.
Make sure rowlocks and oars are ntted properly as falling backwards could result in a capsize
However, in later competition, Towns persevered with his shorter craft and introduced adjustable swivel rowlocks and left and right hand oars.
I think particularly of the echoes of Mount Ephraim in 'The Choirmaster's Funeral' (Winter Words), of the creak of the rowlocks in 'The Water is Wide', and of course the whistle in 'The Ploughboy' - never overdone for a second, never too prominent, always inviting the hearer to come halfway to take the composer's point; and in a classical song recital the listener has to come half way most of the time, and like it.
IT'S 20 years tomorrow since John Major made a complete rowlocks of our railways.
Must have taken the oars and fitted them to the rowlocks as I'd once been shown.
For all Dan knows, he might be allergic to rowlocks and people on towpaths with megaphones.
With money left over, the RNLI decided to commission a model of the Robert and Susan accurate in every detail down to its oars and rowlocks.