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Other places around the world are very expensive, plus rowing boats are very delicate so you can't load share in a container.
In the months leading up to London 2012, DSM cooperated with the Dutch Rowing Federation and the Netherlands Olympic Team in developing the eight-man rowing boat, 'Olympic eight'.
Mr Mynott, 42, of High Street, Barford, had taken his family out for the first time in their new rowing boat when the accident happened.
They narrowly escaped death when their specially designed 23-foot ocean rowing boat capsized in a massive wave on Sunday.
The missing man was last seen clinging to the upturned rowing boat as his friend swam ashore to raise the alarm.
From a deserted inlet, a battered rowing boat is dragged into the water by two young men dressed in customary coarse cottons (loose, open-neck blouson, embroidered waistcoat, a cummerbund holding up baggy calico pantaloons tucked into knee high boots).
The babyshambles star was trying to get to the VIP section at Scotland's Live at Loch Lomond music festival when the rowing boat he was in sprang a leak and began to sink.
TWO young lovers were rescued after finding themselves more than a mile out at sea following a romantic marriage proposal in a rowing boat.
Plenary speakers included Debra Searle, who completed a solo trans-Atlantic crossing after her husband couldn't continue and was air-lifted off their rowing boat.
Using CFD to simulate a rowing boat is more complex than using the application to optimize a boat's hull design, which is a common use for the technology, according to Filippi Lido, who owns Filippi Boats.
A RESCUE crew who went to help a rowing boat stuck on mudflats were left red faced - after ending up stranded in the shallow water too.
Mark Stubbs aims to shatter two transatlantic records in a radical rowing boat, Atlantic Spirit.
TRAD TRAD AAAITIONAL rowing boat BUILT thanks to "extraordinary BUILT thanks to "extraordinary public spirit" has been public spirit" has been launched in a Northumberland seaside village.
The lifeboat made its way to Carmel Head, which is seven miles from Holyhead, to assist the 29ft rowing boat and its crew.