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in a rowdy manner


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THE DIVINE COMEDY Liquid Room, Edinburgh, August 6 He's an old hand on the live stage but even Ns eil Hannon seemed a little unsure how to handle a Friday night Edge festival crowd who were intent on rowdily engaging him in a bit of mid-song discussion.
Activists rowdily accused President Barack Obama of reneging on AIDS pledges, prompting his predecessor, Bill Clinton, to mount a defense of the White House incumbent and urge campaigners to squeeze every dollar at a time of belt-tightening.
We had a gala time behaving rowdily at the poolside at The Ashok," she laughs.
The days are long over when all our brands of culture appeared to huddle rowdily together in one city pub, the hyper-bohemian Swanston Family.
This selftitled solo album, with his Mystic Valley Band, has a more tender feel, but his brilliant songwriting is better than ever on the indelible Cape Canaveral, the ragged but beautiful Eagle On A Pole, the raging Lenders In The Temple and the rowdily emphatic Souled Out
RUGBY Union star Gavin Henson will not be prosecuted over claims he behaved rowdily on a train, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced yesterday.
In Canada--specifically in the Prairie provinces and Ontario--mock weddings rowdily interrupt festivities celebrating heterosexual marriages--most often wedding showers or milestone anniversary parties (Greenhill 1988; Taft 1997).
The ploy nearly unraveled when they began rowdily singing Midnight Oil songs at JFK.
Segueing from exotic, ornithological circus act to vigorously acrobatic cancan, the title-song centerpiece is rowdily enjoyable, given an added thrill by the nerve-wracking fear that one of "Les Cagelles" will either tumble into the pit or brain the conductor with an ill-aimed kick.
Police are investigating reports that a gang of youths were drinking in the park and acting rowdily shortly before the damage was discovered.
A young bloke spills rowdily out of the pub with a photo messaging phone to snap the BB star's image, teenage girls ask him how things have been since leaving the house, and a mother pushing a pram practically jumps his bones.
The crowd assembled in the ballroom for a banquet dinner rowdily cheered the news that Joe Shafran, vice president of marketing and sales at Regal Rugs, won a new BMW as a reward for making a hole-in-one.
Instead of rowdily disrupting classrooms, the typical girl with inattentive-type ADHD is quietly daydreaming.
Several studies have shown associations between under-age smoking and precocious, rebellious behaviour; young smokers also tend to be perceived as tougher or more rowdily extrovert[1,2,42].
Laws to prevent them from playing football in the streets, dressing like "gallants," and carrying on rowdily at local pubs and markets apparently didn't work very well, because the same complaints kept coming up in court records for decades.