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Synonyms for roving

traveling about, especially in search of adventure

Synonyms for roving

travelling about without any clear destination


References in classic literature ?
He did not doubt the faith of Little John, but he was fearful lest a roving band of Foresters had captured him.
In our hands, besides the roving bands of trappers and traders, the country would have been explored and settled by industrious husbandmen; and the fertile valleys bordering its rivers, and shut up among its mountains, would have been made to pour forth their agricultural treasures to contribute to the general wealth.
Descending from the tree, she set out in a southerly direction, toward the point where she believed the plains of Waziri lay, and though she knew that only ruin and desolation marked the spot where once her happy home had stood, she hoped that by coming to the broad plain she might eventually reach one of the numerous Waziri villages that were scattered over the surrounding country, or chance upon a roving band of these indefatigable huntsmen.
His roving eye caught the position of my arm and he smiled askew.
I comforted her with as many anecdotes of that animal's roving propensities as I could recollect.
With over 150 roving frames being sold every year worldwide, the FT6E and FT7E yield best results for efficiency, reliability and quality.
PPG has introduced INNOFIBER TS 2402 direct-draw fiber glass roving, a new composition designed to optimize sound absorption through enhanced volumizing inside muffler cavities for automotive and industrial exhaust systems.
RCI offers The Roving Coach Experience[TM] as a means to increase employee engagement and provide high-level anonymous engagement data to company leaders.
Checks that took place in sub-urban areas between October 25 and 31 included: 39 people caught in roving checks between Gateshead and Pelaw; 87 people caught in roving checks between South Shields and Jarrow; 93 people caught in roving checks between North Shields and Manors and 18 people caught in roving checks between Park Lane and South Hylton on October 27.
A "revolutionary" new single-end glass roving reinforcement from Owens Coming, Toledo, Ohio, reportedly improves burst strength of high-pressure pipe by 17% and cyclical regression (stress) strength by 10%.
However, I'll lay odds at 10:1 that a bowbender with a stick will have double the fun at the game of roving.
Coupled with a subsequent intelligence bill, the roving wiretap authority, as it currently stands, permits the authorities to conduct a wiretap even if they don't know the place or person to be tapped.
Researchers now say that harbor seals eavesdrop on the whales and can tell the harmless neighborhood fish eaters from roving gangs with a taste for fresh seal.
They are part of the Pasadena Roving Archers' National Archery Association Olympic Development program.
NASDAQ:MCHP), a leading provider of microcontroller, analog and Flash-IP solutions, today announced the acquisition of Roving Networks (http://www.