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Richard Blumenthal, Attorney General for the State of Connecticut, said the case study confirms behavior that his office has routinely experienced.
Immigration and Naturalization Service routinely deports them to their country of origin immediately upon completion of their sentences.
Harbottle and Gove, whose lab does not routinely date archaeological samples, are just unhappy their labs were eliminated because they didn't meet the archbishop's requirements, says Robert Dinegar, a retired Los Alamos National Laboratory physical chemist and the Episcopal priest who, along with Harbottle, has been a co-coordinator of the Shroud of Turin Research Project.
As a result, AFC representatives have routinely and purposely made unlawful and incorrect claims regarding the existence of non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and that AFC's proprietary information is protected under law as trade secrets.
We've got some wonderful sires here who are producing stakes winners routinely.
When we last surveyed our members, 80% told us they did not want to routinely carry firearms," he said.
Hall Green Labour MP Mr Godsiis backing the campaign, which specically highlights that drugs which could be used to prevent breast cancer developing and potentially reduce the chances of it spreading are not routinely available for those that could benet from them.
A Welsh Government spokesman said the Cancer Delivery Plan includes a commitment that people diagnosed with cancer should routinely be offered access to "benefits advice and support".
I urge voters to re-elect Maurice DePalo and Henry Fitzgerald on May 6 so they may both continue the excellent service they routinely provide the town.
The drug has not yet received a licence for treating cervical cancer so is not routinely available in other countries, including the US.
A Nice spokesman said that the drug was seen as an effective, safe and low-cost treatment for osteoarthritis, so health professionals offered it to patients routinely but evidence now suggests that it is less effective, and less safe, than believed earlier.
Almost one in three employees routinely defraud their employers and top up their monthly pay either by adding extra to their taxi bills or claiming for taxi journeys that are not business related, according to a survey.
Judy, 64, said one producer at TV company Granada would routinely expose himself to female staff.
CAN I, as a former routinely armed police officer in British Hong Kong comment on this debate?