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Synonyms for rouser

someone who rouses others from sleep

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We as the employees should not be competing against call centers located in the Philippines, Mexico and other areas, said Rouser.
Kawasaki Motors Philippines, a subsidiary of Kawasaki, has launched its new Rouser RS200 machine in Cebu.
Rebel Rouser Double IPA is currently available in six-packs nationwide for a SRP of $8.
Austero, a resident of San Jose village, New Corella town, was shot several times by a man on a Rouser motorcycle as she ran out of the inn's compound around 7:20 a.
Reason, revenue, relationships, rousers and resilience are key drivers of reputation that have to be understood in a holistic way, but must also be actively managed.
As is the goal of most, if not all, nonprofits, Rouser sought to build and diversify her organization's donor roster.
These pastors inaugurated an annual "Christmas in July" Sunday and preached one rouser of a hellfire and money sermon (no scripture-based homily back then).
Before then, she had been a public health nurse in downtown Toronto, a fundraiser and board member for a secular development organization, then a rabble rouser, writer and publisher of a newsletter raising awareness on the political situation in South Africa in the late 1970s.
Taffy Thomas is at his photogenic best at Redcar, where the camera helps him to a double-Gold Cheb (Mick Easterby) pips Ribble Rouser (Clifford Watts/ Shawn Salmon) in the nursery, and Rosalina (Vic Mitchell) is just too strong for Another Princess (Clive Brittain/Bruce Raymond) in the fillies' maiden.
A Making sure your rabble rouser gets her job done adequately is the most important first step you can take to improve this situation, the panel advises.
Williams had the local news media's and elites' stamp of approval as the tolerably troublesome rabble rouser because he didn't really rouse the rabble.
Sitting quietly by the pond that she proudly calls "Lake Nottingham," she ponders how she came to be known as "a rabble rouser.
again Finally putting a face to rebel rouser Owain Glyndwr What does it mean to be Welsh?
No bones about it, Troy's a rabble rouser, but his sharp songwriting skills and proletariat bent make listening to him a joy.
Kawasaki Motors (Philippines) Corporation, a subsidiary of Kawasaki, has launched its new Rouser, Rouser 135cc and Rouser 220cc in the Philippines.