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the fullness of a tone of voice


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the quality of being round numbers

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The roundness of the output belies the Beam's smaller dimensions.
However, we do not need to rely on evidence from modern space agencies to confirm the roundness of the Earth for ourselves.
Considering measurements of rotary elements it is noteworthy that problems of measurements of roundness and cylindricity are well described in the scientific literature.
The wheel bearing outer ring raceway roundness has a direct influence on durability, from both a sealing and a raceway integrity standpoint [2].
Girl's Girl THE edge of a finger traces the contour line Of the picture Touching the roundness of the face My father's eyes bright as stars Soldier, musician.
Thus, current study shows the influence of the input parameters; feed rate and kind of materials on the responses G-ratio, surface roughness, and roundness. Two materials, 1025 and 1045, were used as work-pieces in the through-feed center-less grinding.
In order to extract useful parameters, the images collected have been binarized by setting a proper threshold and subsequently analyzed by employing an ImageJ tool able to compute roundness and the overall area of the pores.
Best enjoyed as an Espresso, Variations Sachertorte combines the balance and roundness of the Livanto Grand Cru with soft chocolate and apricot notes.
Normally associated with red meat, this Mouton has spent time in oak to give it roundness and heft to take on any dessert.
In addition to morphological observation in root cross sections, this study quantified the radial impact of compacted soil on root surface and vascular cylinder by measuring root roundness (R) and flattening (F) of vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides L.) seedlings.
By varying the length scale, we can distinguish three different quantities such as the sphericity, the roundness and the roughness, which describe the morphological characteristics of nanostructures.
Sweet bread, stern in your eternal roundness, I sneak pieces of
Honing dramatically improves bore diameter size uniformity and accuracy, surface finish, and roundness throughout the length of the barrel.
Producing medical tubing with an out-of-tolerance diameter or roundness, often down to ten-thousandths of an inch, affects the performance of life-critical devices such as catheters and drug delivery and surgical tubing.