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The little man's voice changed so suddenly, he shut his hand so sharply, and his eyes so rapidly grew rounder and brighter like a waking owl's, that it had all the abruptness of a small explosion on the table.
Her lines were rounder, her muscles fuller, and there was about her that indefinite something of maturity that was new to her and that incited me on.
"By his armor, sire, which is rounder at elbow and at shoulder than any of Bordeaux or of England.
And the brass balls on the iron railings shone much brighter than ever; one would have thought they were polished on account of the visit; and it was as if the carved-out trumpeters-for there were trumpeters, who stood in tulips, carved out on the door--blew with all their might, their cheeks appeared so much rounder than before.
Her figure shared in this beneficial change; it became rounder, and as the harmony of her form was complete and her stature of the graceful middle height, one did not regret (or at least I did not regret) the absence of confirmed fulness, in contours, still slight, though compact, elegant, flexible--the exquisite turning of waist, wrist, hand, foot, and ankle satisfied completely my notions of symmetry, and allowed a lightness and freedom of movement which corresponded with my ideas of grace.
He just sat by with his big blue eyes getting rounder every minute and lapped it up.
His imported hogs seemed to justify the prices he paid for them, growing faster and rounder and fatter than any in the surrounding county.
Captain Porter has described [5] those from Charles and from the nearest island to it, namely, Hood Island, as having their shells in front thick and turned up like a Spanish saddle, whilst the tortoises from James Island are rounder, blacker, and have a better taste when cooked.
I had an idea it came natural to a body, like rounders and touch.
Prisoner's base, rounders, high-cock-a-lorum, cricket, football - he was soon initiated into the delights of them all; and though most of the boys were older than himself, he managed to hold his own very well.
Mohan Lal - All Rounder (Captain), Indrajith - Wicket Keeper/Batsman (Vice Captain), Rajeev Pillai - All Rounder, Nivin Pauly - Batsman, Manikuttan - All rounder, Saiju Kurup - All Rounder, Vivek Gopan - All Rounder, Bineesh Kodiyeri - All Rounder, Prajodh Kalabavan - Batsman, Lt.
13 November 2012 - US entertainment and marketing company Rounder Inc (PINK:RNDR) said its subsidiary BGGR Inc had taken over a controlling stake in marketing development company Amerimarq Tek Corp.
26 October 2012 - BGGR Inc, a subsidiary of US entertainment and marketing company Rounder Inc (PINK:RNDR), announced the acquisition of a controlling stake in Gravity Collection Sports Network Inc (GCSN).
Gaming company Rounder Inc (Pink Sheets:RNDR) announced on Tuesday a licensing agreement making available the creation of a 3D, user-based, online virtual world that will incorporate social interactions, poker, e-commerce, entertainment, dating, couponing, social happenings and news created on the Invicta Corridor Social Gaming Platform.
Produced by Paragon Quality Foods, a leading foodservice burger manufacturer, the All Rounder Burger is a 113g (4oz) 80% beef product, which is scored to improve cooking times, comes individually quick frozen and is packed in 24s.