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Synonyms for roundel

English form of rondeau having three triplets with a refrain after the first and third

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(heraldry) a charge in the shape of a circle

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Chris was employed by Roundel after working with the Sunderland Intern Factory, an initiative to recruit final-year University of Sunderland students as soon as they have graduated, matching their specific skills to a suitable employer.
Swinburne has begun to subvert the expected cyclicality of the roundel structure even by the end of the first stanza.
HEYDAY: the Great Western facade of the station in Colmore Row, which was demolished in 1969; PLATFORM 12: On the walls you can see the roundel totem enamel signs; GLEAMING: Platform five looking towards Colmore Row and below, a Hillman Imp, a Triumph Herald, a VW and a Mini are parked by the station concourse
The print campaign will run in publications including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Auto Week, Money Select Edition, Sports Illustrated Select Edition, Time Top Management, Time Global Business and Roundel.
The public need to be aware that, when they book a coach holiday through a travel agent, they should look for the BCHG roundel logo on the cover or inside of the coach tour operator's brochure.
Rist's skeletal narrative is conveyed by an image within an image--a roundel of clear, intense focus surrounded by a square frame of blurry, colored movement.
Supplied on a cake roundel and securely covered with a domed lid, these soft nougat cakes do not need refrigeration.
The new Foster's primary packaging prominently features the "F" roundel which has also been added to neck label for greater impact.
Clothing giants Lambretta have been using the red, white and blue roundel, seen on the side of Spitfires during World War II.
Division Two: Billingham 1 Coulby Newham 4 (Andrew Geddes 3, Liam Southall); Blytheholme 3 (Chrissy Skipper 3) Norton Unicorn 2 (Martin Kilburn, Paul Chamberlain); JFC United 8 (Anthony James Barber 3, Famara Jatta, Florin Craciun, Stephen Barber, Vasile Bucuresteanu 2) Thornaby Roundel 0; Jolly Farmers 2 Thornaby Sports and Leisure 3 (Michael Tye 3); Thornaby Aerodrome Club 5 (Aaron Leonard 2, Shaun Hunnam 3) The Alls Bishopsgarth 1 (Joshua Gray).
Chris, from Murton in County Durham, said: "Looking at Roundel and what is in South Shields, it just made sense to go with the party on the beach theme.
The Old Manor had an aggregate win over Great Meols in the Eric Mills Cup while Oxton Cons took the Norman Goodall Trophy from Roundel.