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Synonyms for rounded



Synonyms for rounded

deviating from a straight line

Antonyms for rounded

curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged

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When you use ROUND, Excel performs its calculations with that rounded, less precise, number.
Meanwhile, Sadiqabad police rounded up Ghalib with 1 pistol 30 bore with 5 rounds, Wah Cantt police arrested Wazir with 1 pistol 30 bore with 4 rounds, Perwadhai police apprehended babar, Faisal, Arshad for holding 1 bottle of liquor, 4 pistol 30 bore with 16 rounds and 1 pistol 32 bore, GujarKhan police rounded up Iqbal for holding 1 pistol 30 bore with 3 rounds, Rawat Polie arrested Haroon for holding 1 pistol 30 bore with 2 rounds while Kahuta police apprehended Ammar for holding 1 pistol 9mm with 2 rounds.
According to a spokesman, Gujar Khan police rounded up Amir with 1300 Charas, Sadiqabad police held Imran for having 1080 grams Charas, Rawat police held Ijaz with 1150 grams of Charas, Murree police nabbed Waseem with 300 grams, Ratta Amral police held Rasheed and seized 15 liter liquor, Perwadhai Police held Ahsan with 36 bottles of liquor, Taxila police rounded up Munir and whaeed with 20 liter liquor, Jatli police rounded up Javed and Umer with 10 liter liquor, Kaller Saydian police arrested Shakeel and seized 80 liter liquor, Murree police held Asghar, Irshad, Arshad, Wajid and seized 13 bottles of Liquor.
Meanwhile, Ganj Mandi Police nabbedd Danish and recovered one pistol 30 bore with 05 rounds, Civil Line police Rounded up Waseem with one pistol 30 bore with two rounds, Airport Police nabbed Saqib with one pistol 30 bore with 03 rounds, Taxila police arrested Masdar Elahai with one pistol with bore with 08 rounds, Wah police nabbed Amir with one pistol 30 bore with two rounds, Guhar Khan police held Zubair with 01 pistol 30 bore with 10 rounds, Rawat police rounded up Khurram with one pistol 30 bore with 3 rounds, Murree police rounded up Shahid with one riffle 12 bore with five rounds.
According to a police spokesman, Perwadhai police rounded up Alamgir for having 1200 grams of charras, Banni police arrested Shehraz for having 220 grams of charras, Civil line police nabbed Rauf, Hassan Zaman, Abid, Kishwar and Mehmood for possessing 1155 gharms of charras, Kafiyat and Naqas for having 13 liter liquor, Gujar Khan police nabbed Sajjid and Shahbaz with 25 liter of liquor, Kallar Saydian police arrested Zaheer and Zafar with 20 liter of liquor, Perwadhai police rounded up Zubair with 10 liter of liquor, Waris khan Police arrested Faisal and Majid with 10 liter of liquor while Rawat police nabbed Shayyad with 5 liter of liquor.