roundabout way

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a roundabout road (especially one that is used temporarily while a main route is blocked)


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she would come herself, and use no roundabout ways. She would at once say to your father, or to you, 'My good sir, or my good miss, my child is here; see how grieved I am; let me see him only for one hour, and I'll pray for you as long as I live.' No, no," continued Cornelius; "with the exception of my poor old Sue, I have no friends in this world."
I won't walk with him any more; I 'll dodge and go roundabout ways, so that we can't meet.
"I have had some experience, Fosco, of your roundabout ways, and I am not so sure that you won't worm it out of me after all."
Like most buzzwords, value engineering is just as much "word engineering" - a high-toned, roundabout way of saying something very basic.
Visitors to the Vitra show can see for themselves that Panton was at his best when he was at his most impractical, and that his work, while timeless in many ways, is also strongly locked into a moment and place--a roundabout way of saying he was an excellent designer.
Dominique Nabokov came to photography in a roundabout way (through her love of film), and has matured in it with the focus of the amateur become professional.
These taciturn characters find roundabout ways to express their feelings.
Bill told me in roundabout ways that rich people never pay a bill if there is any way around it.
But these have all been roundabout ways for the San Francisco-based company to target its desired audience of gambling-friendly online gamers within the US.