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Synonyms for round-eyed

exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity

having large round wide-open eyes


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With her beguiling round-eyed beauty and demure British manners, Jean SimmonsAuwho died aged 80Aucrossed the Atlantic in 1950 to become one of HollywoodAAEs most popular leading ladies.
Banner ads outside residential developments feature glittering young couples (the women strikingly round-eyed and white-skinned) and images of golf courses.
Back to "The land of round-eyed women and the big PX.
after demanding divorce from Katherine, Borden's Wolsey wrung his hands downstage center, round-eyed and scheming.
A round-eyed pundit with a ready array of Jewish mots justes ("God willing, if I be there, I'll pick up the phone," he says, making the mere act of handling the receiver sound like a miracle worthy of Moses), Mitchell finds the humor in Solomon alongside something far darker.
Ritchie enjoys this world-building game and knows how to drop visual hints--cryptic notation, round-eyed golems--suggesting infinite powers roiling behind the scrim of human comprehension.
The company will utilise the Tetra Tebel Casomatic MC system to supply a wide variety of cheese types, shapes and sizes, round-eyed and granular, semi-hard and hard cheeses to meet exactly the requirements of the market.
With my round-eyed, women-loving, woman self, I pull it through my spiritual sensual chamber, and with my sea-water, only-daughter self, I dote over each letter that eventually forms the identity of what I had been feeling with my whole body -- the identity, the picture of what has slowly been coming to life in a liquid bath.
The grey seals, which waddled down the weedy rocks, dived and splashed and pushed up childish round-eyed faces to gaze at our invading tourist army, were occupying almost every other mind, and engaging thousands of dollars worth of camera lenses.
Aided only by Co, the Vietnamese girl contra (apparently no authentic ethnic actress has succeeded France Nguyen as the all-purpose Pan-asian heroine, so the part is played by the round-eyed Julia Nickson), Rambo has to do battle with Charlie, Ivan, a band of river pirates, assorted leeches and snakes, the C.
In the end, the sheer choice proved too much, and like two church mice, we pottered out empty-handed and round-eyed with awe.
An Asian waitress (given a dangerous, seductive edge by Mahoney) who takes revenge on her "tall, round-eyed, freakish tall occidental" customers, a pair of African women giving fertility tips to a not-so-dumb virgin and three Dutch prostitutes who trade meatloaf recipes while contorting into erotic sexual positions are roll-in-the-dirt funny, as are black drag queens working a dive in Manhattan's meat-packing district.