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having a rounded bottom


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Round-bottomed grooves release better than flat-bottomed ones do.
All of the smaller kits are made of durable borosilicate glass and most are elliptical in shape, rather than round-bottomed, so their mixing characteristics are similar to those of a typical production-size reactor.
Chemical residue on the inside of the round-bottomed jars appears to be calcium oxide, a substance known to form during the salt-making process.
Zani, for instance, refers to its round-bottomed Olympia cookware as "Junoesque" and suggests that the form encourages "well-rounded" cooking.
A true zabaglione pot is a round-bottomed, unlined copper pot with a long handle that allows easy whisking while being held over simmering water.
A heating mantle is essentially a heated basket that holds a vessel, such as a round-bottomed flask.
Stirring up a dish in one of the deep round-bottomed pans is attended by a blur of motion, billows of steam, and the sounds of sizzling oil and a broad spatula hitting metal.
Reactor fuel is placed inside a pressure vessel, which is contained in a round-bottomed, flask-shaped primary containment vessel.
Heat-On heating blocks are suited for round-bottomed flasks from 10 mL to 5 L.
The Chinese developed the original round-bottomed wok for use over an open brazier stove, a small fire pit in which twigs, coal, and/or oil were burned.
To hold a round-bottomed basket steady, rest it over the opening of a smaller container.
It enables turbidity to be examined and modified in jacketed reactors and round-bottomed flasks by controlling the temperature as well as any additions to the vessel.
In a round-bottomed zabaglione pan (or in the top of a double boiler), beat together 6 large egg yolks, 2 tablespoons sugar, and 1/3 cup dry or sweet marsala or sherry.
Used with a standard laboratory hotplate, the unit becomes a compact, small footprint reaction station capable of running up to three parallel reactions in conventional round-bottomed flasks.