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IN A JAM: The M25, left, sends drivers round the bend with boredom, while a more interesting route at the weekend was Hammer Hill near Cuckfield, Sussex, during the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run
If you are driven round the bend by those automated phone responses offering you the choice of 7, 8, or 9 options--"listen carefully because our menu may have changed"--none of which fits your case, Clint Swett of the Sacramento Bee has some tips for you.
In this excellent book, Mel Watkins has given us not only Stepin Fetchit's story from films like Old Kentucky, Wild Horses, Judge Priest, The Steam Boat Round the Bend, Heart of Dixie, The Ghost Talks, but also the history of blacks in the motion picture industry up until Stepin Fetchit's death in 1985.
MOTORISTS are being driven round the bend by a phantom sign snatcher.
By the time Sergio's obsession has gone round the bend and he's running around looking like a cross between Gumby, Diabolik, and the Gimp from Pulp Fiction, there's nothing left for the audience to take home apart from the nudity and a few cheap thrills.
As we round the bend in our first year of the new millennium, the profession faces challenging issues, which require careful thought and consideration, yet simultaneously demand immediate attention and action.
ran in Conejo, Simi and SAC edition only) Los Angeles Women's Championship golfers round the bend on the seventh hole at Wood Ranch.
Meanwhile, Spurs players must have been driven round the bend by last weekend's travel plans in Monaco.
Pop up Puppets Some are daily players, going round the bend, Some are part-time actors looking for a friend, Most are full of dreams they never want to spend, Dancing on the graves of hearts they cannot mend.
MHAIRI Gladstone was being driven round the bend when a car dealer failed to transfer her private number plate to her new motor.
She pulled back in quickly as we went round the bend, I think she was about half and half on either side of the road.
This allows us to provide fresh ground for each meeting and the runners picked up the inside track coming round the bend.
The African Grey will not stop repeating it, and a friend of the family said: "It's driving everybody round the bend.
Last time out, we discovered that Carlos' sight might be restored, Susan finally discovered that Mike has been dating Katherine, while Orson's snoring due to his broken nose drove Bree, above, round the bend.
MY nine-year-old daughter is continually telling lies and it is driving me and my partner round the bend.