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Mostly round shape brinjal are cultivated in summer season and it gives good yield from September to December.
This oversize round shape with raised arrow detail features exclusive colours of Black/Fluro Yellow/ Cream and Fluro Pink/ Cream/ White.
This means they will always be that lovely round shape, perfect to keep pretending you're tucking into brekkie at a posh B&B rather than your own kitchen.
Its round shape (AEA 43 mm) is its only concession to tradition, while the profile of its case, its dial and its chronograph push-pieces, which are located on the left side of the middle, are completely original - a hallmark of the Bugatti spirit.
A little thicker going on and less shiny, this is more in Chapstick texture terrain, though the ingredients are organic, the scents are delicious (especially the Honeysuckle Honeydew), and the round shape is novel.
Plus, its smooth round shape delivers aerodynamics and sustained payload energy.
2 : something having a somewhat round shape <the curves of the body>
But the clarity and round shape of this gem mean it could be worth considerably more.
The sign will have a round shape with elements of the national symbols, zero in the middle and inscription 'km 0 of Kyrgyzstan's roads'.
The additive hopper also features a round shape with a cone-shaped bottom to help prevent drilling additives from collecting at the bottom of the hopper.
95) The round shape makes this easy to use and it quickly creates a foam.
According to the company, the visual trademarks of the brand, the blue and the round shape have been carefully transferred to the color range.
Bake prepared cookie dough in a large round shape on a cookie sheet, then frost with orange-colored icing and pipe on designs to simulate a pumpkin face with chocolate icing -- or create it out of assorted candies.
nearly round shape, and has cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit.
Characterized by a distinctive round shape with a square hole, copper alloy cash coins were the main official form of currency in China for more than 2,000 years.