round robin

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a tournament in which every contestant plays every other contestant

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a letter signed by a number of people

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At minor level, Galway will enter the competition in a round robin against the beaten Leinster and Munster finalists, with the top two progressing to the All-Ireland semi-final.
With the breeze building the race committee moved straight into the second round robin where the second local hope Sam Mackay started to hit his straps and recorded five straight wins to sit second behind Middleton with two flights to go in Round Robin 2.
That's how I interpreted it which just goes to show that the round robin, while a useful way of keeping others abreast of your situation in life, needs to be carefully worded indeed.
They will race tomorrow in the final match of the first round robin.
True, a round robin format means that the top players are showcased at least three times during the week-long tournament, which is theoretically a draw for the crowds.
The top eight teams at the end of the round robin will advance to the quarters with the top-four ranked sides playing at home.
The Harlequin Mini Round Robin eBook is a new online programme where a story is started by a Harlequin author and then completed by readers who can compete for the chance to write the subsequent chapters, The Book Standard said.
According to the cTnI Committee Chair, Stephen Kahn, PhD, DABCC, FACB, the committee will conduct a third and final round robin in 2004.
The algorithms include round robin, MAC address, IP address, and IP address and TCP port address.
If there is one thing guaranteed to dissolve my feelings of goodwill to all men, it is the Christmas round robin letter.
A round robin test program was set up and twelve different elastomers were tested with the six candidate oils.
AMEX: API), a leading supplier of optoelectronic solutions and Terahertz instrumentation to a global OEM base, today announced it has accepted an invitation to present at Merriman Curhan Ford's Communications One:One Round Robin in New York City on November 1, 2005.
Korea's male curlers fell into a third straight loss in their round robin sessions at the PyeongChang Winter Games, sinking to the bottom of the 10-team table.
BEATING Leinster round robin runners-up Westmeath is achievable, but not much beyond that.
PESHAWAR -- Australia and Pakistan tied up seven points each on the point table after the completion of the third round of the round robin format at the 6th Sultan of Johor Cup being played at Taman Daya hockey Stadium, Johor Bahru City, Malaysia.