round hand

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a clearly written style of longhand with large round curves

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This 3D globe dial, installed at the 3 oclock position, rotates once a day in time with Earth's rotation, with a small round hand indicating the time zone of the selected World Time city.
The M5 adapter rail system (ARS) now replaces the round hand guards for the M16A4 per MWO 9-1005-319-20-2 and the WARS replaces the round hand guards for the M4/104A 1 per MWO 9-1005-319-20-1.
Tenders are invited for 3/8 Inch Square Drive Ratchet Round Hand With Comfort Handle Model No.
She made a traditional food coverings, locally known as mughta, to cover the food, as also the small round hand fan known as meshab.
We work all year round hand in hand with the rest of the industry to combat these situations.
Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi win this round hands down.