round dance

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a folk dance

a ballroom dance characterized by revolving movement

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The performance ended with a round dance that encircled a colourful centre disk representing the turtle's back--Turtle Island--our home, North America.
Held at the Farthest North Square and Round Dance Hall in Pioneer Park.
Maynard Dixon's painting Round Dance is typical of his paintings: simplified shapes, strong colors, and an unromantic view of Western life.
This round dance of arms, legs, bellies, and hair only distantly resembles a fashion show-a dance or stage play even less.
There are three dances: the round dance, the sickle dance (used only by the Italian race of mellifera), the waggle dance.
Performers from tribes such as the Hopi, Dine', Akimel O'Odham, San Carlos Apache and Cree will take the stage as they guide attendees on a unique sensory journey through time and culture that culminates in an audience-participation round dance, bringing the immersion experience full circle.
The finale features the audience-participation Round Dance.
The apology was originally organized as a flash mob round dance to support Moostoos, but changed to a ceremony when he agreed to hear the apology.
The majority of the songs are round dance, but there are two Traditional Women's songs, which are similar to very fast round dances.
When Sinclair saw the images of the round dance at the Saskatoon Mall in December 2012, "I sat on my couch and I literally cried," he said, knowing he was seeing something far different from what he had ever seen before.
Infinite Passion" (62:04) offers the Round Dance stylings of singer, composer, and Pow-Wow performer Wayne Silas, Jr.
The French had a Carole, a round dance where the people formed a circle and danced.
15 at Emerald Square & Round Dance Center in Springfield for William Neal "Bill" Aukerman of Eugene, who died Sept.
Worst celebration ever was surely last season's well-rehearsed, beautifully performed FA Cup fifth round dance routine between Danny Haynes and Ipswich team-mate Jamie Peters.