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b wooden windows without round arch and type 10 wooden windows without round arch.
5 pieces t90 wall flaps 1 piece aluminum glass frame door t90-rs 2 pieces aluminum glass f90 elements, with round arch, partly with opening wing 5 pieces 2-winged rs doors with skylight, 6 locking systems 100 m stainless steel handrails with wall brackets
The content of the tender (Part 2) is the corresponding planning The historic wind tunnel, the functional building and the currently under construction small round arch hall remain out of consideration.
Fire protection element with round arch, Ei290-s200c5, 12 m 2 : 1 piece, 4 pcs.
334/631 cm, Top with round arch, And integrated 2-leaf glass frame door with b / h approx.
T30-rs, Round arch, - 3 pieces of new fixed glazing wood-glass, T30-rs, Round arch, - 7 pieces new construction wooden windows after histor.
Round arch facade elements Steel-aluminum construction, various sizes, including fall protection systems, 7 pcs Aluminum, various sizes, incl.