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Synonyms for round

Synonyms for round

having the shape of a curve everywhere equidistant from a fixed point

well-rounded and full in form

having or producing a full, deep, or rich sound

not more or less

something bent

a course, process, or journey that ends where it began or repeats itself

a number of things placed or occurring one after the other

a course of action to be followed regularly


an area regularly covered, as by a policeman or reporter

to swerve from a straight line

to supply what is lacking

in or toward a former location or condition

from one end to the other

Synonyms for round

a charge of ammunition for a single shot

an interval during which a recurring sequence of events occurs

a regular route for a sentry or policeman


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(often plural) a series of professional calls (usually in a set order)

the activity of playing 18 holes of golf

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the usual activities in your day


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(sports) a division during which one team is on the offensive

the course along which communications spread

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a serving to each of a group (usually alcoholic)

a cut of beef between the rump and the lower leg

a partsong in which voices follow each other


Related Words

an outburst of applause

any circular or rotating mechanism

wind around

make round

pronounce with rounded lips

bring to a highly developed, finished, or refined state

express as a round number

become round, plump, or shapely

Related Words

having a circular shape


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(of sounds) full and rich

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(mathematics) expressed to the nearest integer, ten, hundred, or thousand

from beginning to end


References in classic literature ?
We have also decided that the paths make themselves because it is their only chance of getting to the Round Pond.
He looked round the broad ashen path on which the race was to be run, conscious that he had a secret interest in it which it was unutterably repugnant to him to feel.
How many times must they go round this inclosure," he inquired, "before the race is ended?
You lay down the mallet and start to go round and tell him what you think about the whole business, and, at the same time, he starts round in the same direction to come and explain his views to you.
It is hopeless attempting to make a wood fire, so you light the methylated spirit stove, and crowd round that.
It didn't hurt him,' the Unicorn said carelessly, and he was going on, when his eye happened to fall upon Alice: he turned round rather instantly, and stood for some time looking at her with an air of the deepest disgust.
Then hand round the plum-cake, Monster,' the Lion said, lying down and putting his chin on this paws.
The minute, however, the latter has reached the flock, he turns round and begins to bark, and then all the house-dogs take very quickly to their heels.
The Gaucho picks out a full-grown colt; and as the beast rushes round the circus he throws his lazo so as to catch both the front legs.
They used to wander round the high wall when their lessons were over, and talk about the beautiful garden inside.
Every day for three hours he rattled on the roof of the castle till he broke most of the slates, and then he ran round and round the garden as fast as he could go.
This, at such an hour of the night, surprised me greatly; but I was too ignorant to draw the true conclusion -- that we were going north-about round Scotland, and were now on the high sea between the Orkney and Shetland Islands, having avoided the dangerous currents of the Pentland Firth.
In the very instant when Oliver began to run, the old gentleman, putting his hand to his pocket, and missing his handkerchief, turned sharp round.
The Dodger and Master Bates, unwilling to attract public attention by running down the open street, had merely retured into the very first doorway round the corner.
His soft voice was saying over and over again those pretty things she had heard in the wood; his arm was round her, and the delicate rose-scent of his hair was with her still.