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make rough or rougher

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The laser light activates the additive (an organic metal complex) so that it will accept electroplated copper and also roughens the plastic surface to help the plating adhere.
He chooses the Beethoven cadenza, which roughens it even more, though he substitutes his own in the final movement, feeling that Beethoven's modulation is inappropriate.
The new edition/translation presented here corrects Richter's in a few details, but the overall change is more of mood than substance: it roughens rather than smooths, emphasizing the lack of finish and the repetitiveness of Leonardo's expression.
The concrete stairs have a water-washed finish, which roughens the surface to reveal the aggregate and create a well-worn texture.
Sea anglers are catching a lot of whiting, and when the sea roughens up a bit, expect more codling to move within range of shore rods.