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make rough or rougher

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Bluing will only roughen the polished surface when the substrate is rough or has somehow become rough in the process of application.
As the working surfaces of the punches and dies roughen from wear and corrosion, a number of physical phenomenon occur which act to reduce tableting productivity and increase manufacturing costs:
In the new method, the brand-name abrasive substance--Carborundum--is used to roughen the surface of the plate from which a mezzotint print is made.
Native Comorans use coelacanth scales as sandpaper to roughen bicycle inner tubes before applying a patch; otherwise, they consider the specimen useless.
roughen the inside and outside surface area of the orifices in the riser prior to application of hydraulic cement for better adhesion.
Shake the pan to roughen up the chips and then put in a non-stick roasting tin in a single layer.
Lightly shake to roughen up the fries' edges and arrange on a non-stick baking tray in a single layer.
Might the answer be to pit the surface in some way, roughen it so that it's less like a sheet of glass when it rains?
You might want to roughen the underside of the overlay to give the epoxy a better grip, and be sure that all surfaces are clean and oil-free.
4 : to hurt or roughen by dragging against a rough surface <I scraped my knee on the pavement.
By Tesfa-alem Tekle September 19, 2008 (ADDIS ABABA) -- Eritrea's biggest opposition umbrella, the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA) says it is committed to exert utmost efforts to restore roughen relations between the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Glass etch as a separate step to lightly roughen (frost) or more aggressively remove glass fibers that may be protruding into the hole due to etch back.
You'll end up with a little rust on steel--not enough to ruin hidden parts like hinge pins or screws, but possibly enough to roughen shiny surfaces.