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make rough or rougher

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Because of the hardness and durability of IBED coatings, the wear and corrosion experienced during normal tableting operations does not degrade and roughen the tooling surface and the tableting tooling performs better and longer.
Shake the pan to roughen up the chips and then put in a non-stick roasting tin in a single layer.
Drain the potatoes well then return to the pan and cover, shake the pan to roughen the edges of the potatoes.
Might the answer be to pit the surface in some way, roughen it so that it's less like a sheet of glass when it rains?
Politicians over the past week had warned that death penalty against the Canadian man could roughen Ethiopia-Canada relations leading to a possible cut off to the millions of dollars aid flow Canada does to the horn of Africa's country.
Glass etch as a separate step to lightly roughen (frost) or more aggressively remove glass fibers that may be protruding into the hole due to etch back.
One potential way of achieving that goal is to roughen the glass to increase the amount of surface area that can hold the proteins.
Specifically, Escalol[R] HP protects the hair from UV-B radiation that can cleave disulfide bonds, decompose tryptophan, roughen hair (a key consumer perceivable signal), and lead to hair breakage.
We carefully roughen surfaces in the test chambers of many rheometers to prevent slippage of the test specimen so that we can get a more accurate measure of viscosity.
Lightly shake to roughen up the edges, then arrange on one of the baking trays in a single layer.
It may be useful to plough heavier soils now - for lighter soils just roughen up the surface with chisel plough or discs.
Eritreans here are treated as citizens and with respect beginning their arrival" he said He believes that such handling could be bridges to heal roughen ties of the two people.
One way to add volume is to colour or perm, as these roughen and swell the hair shafts.