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make rough or rougher

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Leave to cool slightly then shake the pan to roughen the edges a little.
2 Cook the fries in a pan of lightly salted boiling water for 2 minutes, then drain, return to the pan and shake to roughen up the edges a bit.
I could polish the parts very smooth before bluing, but does the bluing process then roughen that polished surface?
Lightly shake to roughen up the chips' edges, spread on a nonstick baking tray in a single layer, spray with lowcalorie cooking spray and season.
Try to roughen up the sole, give your shoes a test drive before you walk out wearing them or spray your feet with deodorant to ease out the experience, says an expert.
Al Ain: Cold Shamal (north-westerly) winds are likely to hit the emirates causing a "significant" drop in temperatures and could roughen up waters in the Arabian Gulf.
"I like to work on a textured background, using either collage or a textured medium to 'roughen' the surface, giving immediate depth to the images made.
To further investigate the depolarization of the electromagnetic wave scattered from Si nano-pillar roughen surface, the Nieto-Vesperinas calculation based on the Ewald-Oseen extinction theorem is introduced [21].
October 13, 2009 (ADDIS ABABA) -- The chairperson of African Union (AU) commission Jean Ping has praised Sudan and neighboring Chad for their renewed commitment to restore roughen relations.
It is used to roughen the smooth surface finish on the threaded portion of dental implants.
The goal is to remove any flaky varnish and to roughen the surface for a good primer bond.
NONAGRAM: begin; begun; being; berg; bighorn; binge; bingo; bogie; bong; boring; bough; brig; bring; brogue; bung; burg; burgeon; burgh; enough; ergo; gibe; girn; giro; goer; gone; goner; gore; grin; groin; grub; guiro; hinge; hoeing; huge; hung; hunger; ignore; negro; neigh; NEIGHBOUR; nigh; ogre; region; reign; ring; robing; rogue; rouge; rough; roughen; ruing; rung; urge.
As the working surfaces of the punches and dies roughen from wear and corrosion, a number of physical phenomenon occur which act to reduce tableting productivity and increase manufacturing costs: