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Synonyms for rough-cut

lacking refinement or cultivation or taste

of stone or timber


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Near the smaller piece, a rough-cut "uraeus," or coiled cobra, was found.
As in the tow-behind options, there are both rough-cut and finish mowers available with an even larger variety of cutting sizes to choose from, starting at 48-inch decks up to 84-inch widths.
Following the initial success of the new chain installation on the chipper edging machine, the maintenance team also looked at improving the reliability of the largest chipping machine, which was used for squaring the edges of the rough-cut logs.
The Ampoule is packaged in an irregular, rough-cut white box, which is wider at the bottom than the top.
PS5.99 LAZY SUSAN Ensure everyone gets their fair share with this revolving smart 100% natural, rough-cut slate server.
We built this 10-by-10-foot greenhouse using rough-cut lumber from the local sawmill and recycled windows donated by folks in town.
Driving around my local area, they look like rough-cut fields on farms.
The building is clad in a golden, rough-cut stone that contrasts with the polished transparency of blue-green glass flowing across it.
The night's lucky winner received a custom-designed piece of jewellery made with four carats of rough-cut diamonds, courtesy of !Xam Diamonds.
Tracks on the property led back to a private camp on the Beaver River where the officers saw a brand new boathouse made of rough-cut hemlock.
Conkey specializes in custom orders for rough-cut lumber and firewood.
Mexico's Guadalajara mart, under 2006-10 director Jorge Sanchez, built up its Film Market and Ibero-American Co-production Meeting, and imported Cannes' Producers Network and a Guadalajara Construye rough-cut section.
The building's brick and rough-cut stone exterior blends with the natural prairie setting, while the entry facade and lobby features expanses of glass framing landscape views.
is true, it places Taylor in possession of at least one rough-cut diamond the month after the rebels came to see him, and the month before the junta received a large shipment of weapons in October," said Open Society Justice Initiative, a human rights organisation monitoring the Taylor trial.
"He was supposed to look at the rough-cut and take out material he didn't agree with.