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Synonyms for rough-and-tumble

marked by vigorous physical exertion

Synonyms for rough-and-tumble

disorderly fighting

characterized by disorderly action and disregard for rules

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The term rough-and-tumble play was originally used to describe the play fighting, chasing, and wrestling in rhesus monkeys (Harlow & Harlow, 1965) and was picked up by ethologists to describe a type of human juvenile play.
One argument is that these prayer forms have nourished Catholic spiritual life for centuries; they are what "make us Catholic," identity markers that we need in the rough-and-tumble of a secular world hostile to faith and morality.
In the blink of an eye, a nonleague, nonsanctioned, rough-and-tumble, boy-versus-girl basketball game erupted.
First-generation students or those from minority communities may perceive withdrawal from the rough-and-tumble of everyday problems as dereliction.
Though she disagrees with nearly every anti-environmental word spit out by these tough-as-nails neighbors, she manages to find acceptance and companionship in a rough-and-tumble Montana town, as is honestly and beautifully revealed in Little Things in a Big Country (W.
Fuluvaka's commanding stature leaves no doubt that this soldier-athlete is fit for the rough-and-tumble sport that was added to the Army and Armed Forces Sports calendars two years ago.
In the modern, but still rough-and-tumble version of the game, whoever holds the ball at 5pm is the winner.
Despite shaky promises of more prosperous days ahead, people clung conservatively to whatever small advances they had made through tireless years dedicated to a rough-and-tumble business based he artlessly on youth, beauty, and limitless stamina.
And he examines the rough-and-tumble world of Chicago party politics, where labor organizations were but one group of players in an often shifting constellation of alliances and counter-alliances.
Storage maven Iomega has decided to enter the rough-and-tumble optical storage market with its new ZipCD drive, which company officials indicated will ship later this year, likely early this half.
in 1829: Here was a new kind of politician, both regionally and ideologically, a figure from the western, rough-and-tumble fringes of the South, a man of humble roots who claimed a strong emotional and experiential bond to the common people, a leader who would inaugurate a new age in national politics.
You'd have thought that Bradburne's physio skills might be much in demand among his colleagues in the rough-and-tumble world of jump racing, but that is apparently not the case.
Ashcroft talks as if these rules were set down by the Marquess of Queensberry to add a note of gentlemanly fair play to the rough-and-tumble of political combat.
In rough-and-tumble democratic societies, we have little choice except to be guided by what U.
In the rough-and-tumble world of pharmaceuticals, Krauer says, "sales of some older products are slow, and there's pressure on prices because of efforts worldwide to reduce health-care costs.