rough water

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used of the sea during inclement or stormy weather

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It will be important tactically to be really astute and get yourself in a good position for any kind of rough water.
He said: "Let us resolve this year to steer our country out of rough water.
A-RIBs combine tough aluminum with collars of inflatable polyurethane for a durable, highly stable craft that has gained increasing popularity among operators of small boats in rough water.
MONMOUTH rower Ben Curtis had to settle for fifth in the World Junior Championships as rough water conditions again cast a giant cloud over the new Athens 2004 Olympic course.
The pilot collapsed his chute with difficulty after being dragged 300 feet over the extremely rough water, and inflated his pararaft, retaining the chute as a sea anchor.
I guess in some way the disciples felt helpless when their boat fell into some rough water.
A policeman plucked two friends from the rough water after the trio - two aged between 10 and 12 and the other 15 or 16 - were seen struggling in the high waves.
His works of observation and social criticism include Our America (1919); Salvos (1924); Virgin Spain (1926, revised 1942); The Re-Discovery of America (1928); America Hispana (1931); Dawn in Russia (1932); In the American Jungle (1937); Chart for Rough Water (1940); South American Journey (1943); The Jew in Our Day (1944); Bridgehead: The Drama of Israel (1957); and Cuba: Prophetic Island (1961).
is Engulfed and All at Sea and Steering into Rough Water because Iran might mine the Oil Chokepoint, Straitjacker It, Turn Off the Tap on the Free World's Energy Lifeline.
A top-level canoeing instructor said last night that the kayaks involved in the tragedy were of a type which were diC/cult to control in rough water.
Features include Auto Up/Down, Auto-Drive (an automated sequence that uses up to 80 pounds of pressure to hold bottom), Rough Water Mode (3-stage anchoring sequence with 10-second pauses to hold the boat in place in rough water), and even a deployment notification alarm at engine startup.
Watersport vests that are designed to stay in place during a fall into rough water are a better choice for locking.
The rough water around us has grown and if we drift much further for much longer, we will plunge over the edge.
We were in rough water in the Florida Keys and couldn't see the boat from beneath the surface.