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Synonyms for rouble

the basic unit of money in Russia

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So the three of us, with Zverkov for the fourth, twenty-one roubles, at the Hotel de Paris at five o'clock tomorrow," Simonov, who had been asked to make the arrangements, concluded finally.
I asked in some agitation, with a show of being offended; "if you count me it will not be twenty-one, but twenty-eight roubles.
I flushed crimson, as I did so I remembered that I had owed Simonov fifteen roubles for ages--which I had, indeed, never forgotten, though I had not paid it.
All I had was nine roubles, I had to give seven of that to my servant, Apollon, for his monthly wages.
A rouble and a half, and interest in advance, if you like
Here, sir: as we say ten copecks the rouble a month, so I must take fifteen copecks from a rouble and a half for the month in advance.
Give me four roubles for it, I shall redeem it, it was my father's.
Thedora has done well to get those fifteen roubles for you.
2% due to the collapse of the rouble, spiking interest rates and western sanctions over Ukraine.
Global Banking News-January 12, 2015--Russian central bank spends significantly to prop up rouble
Abu Dhabi: Decline in Russian rouble will provide a chance for traders to increase their exports to the UAE, chairman of Russian Business Council said.
the rouble, as the currency slid again after having collapsed to
Putin has declared war on "speculators" and enemies he says are driving the rouble down but his actions, and a 1.
NNA - The rouble may have plunged 25 percent against the dollar so far this year, but some currency traders are betting on a further 10 percent drop in 2015 on the grounds that the currency is still expensive once trade and inflation are factored in.
The effects on the credit profiles of Moody's rated Russian corporates would be positive to neutral under the scenario of a sustained 10% drop in the rouble to around RUB 36.