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a building having a circular plan and a dome

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a large circular room

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Moore tried to appease Holmes by erecting a plaque in the rotunda with quotations from King and abolitionist Frederick Douglas.
So an awning of wisteria, jasmine, clematis and ivy is gradually growing over the open space, ameliorating the noise and fumes of the traffic, and making the rotunda seem as if it is growing from a green hill.
Rotunda picked up the first of their two wins when Marcos Molloy defeated Billy King (Guildford) in his final.
Some elements of the Urban Splash transformation at Rotunda are spectacular, if a little scary.
Indeed, since 1997, the Rotunda has produced 45 national finalists, 33 of whom have won their bouts to become champions.
The 23-foot Douglas Fir Tree that adorns the Capitol Rotunda was donated by the Botek family of Lehighton, in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers' Association.
Those collaborating to keep this pile of junk in place should instead end the long suffering of the people of Birmingham, and demolish the Rotunda and most of the other high-rise monstrosities littering the city.
But the strangest thing down below may be the Mathews murals, a 1914 depiction of California history that encircles the ``drum'' that supports the rotunda.
The rotunda itself, always flooded with changing arrays of light (p43), is flanked by cloakrooms and a bookstore and opposite, two beautifully crafted, maple-panelled orientation theatres.
The National Archives saw record crowds over the summer since the re-opening of the Rotunda in September 2003, as tourist season visitor numbers topped 717,000.
Bellew had previously been guided by former amateur coach Mick McCallister and had nothing but praise for the Rotunda ABC stalwart.
A report found pressure on the Rotunda, Coombe and National Maternity Hospital is leading to a significant rise in the risk of serious incidents.
BUYERS who snapped up expensive flats in Birmingham's Rotunda have become highprofile victims of the credit crunch.
The Rotunda has come through criticism and indifference to become representative of Birmingham in a way that no one - except possibly its designer - could have expected.
ON BEHALF of the Rotunda Research Group at Rotunda College, I am appealing for any information and photos, magazines, letters, about the Rotunda area, Rotunda Theatre, shops, markets, public houses, churches, schools, etc.