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(biology) the process of decay caused by bacterial or fungal action

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Remove soil, grass clippings and vegetation from the base of the fence to prevent the timber rotting and protect the wood with a preservative.
Start by cleaning out all the rotted wood to create a cavity of sound wood that will not continue rotting after the repair is made.
Pilloried by the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha for letting foodgrain rot in a country where one- fourth of the world's hungry population lives, agriculture, food and consumer affairs minister Sharad Pawar held out a weak defence that the quantum of rotting foodgrain had come down over the years.
Iraq has approved a project proposed by a UAE-Algerian company to produce bio-fuel from rotting dates, the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT reported Monday.
A spokeswoman for the Home Office admitted the problem of food rotting in fields could prove persuasive and that the committee will look into the issue.
Once all the leaves have been gathered, water them as this will speed up the rotting process.
Digging the potatoes from wet soil in cold weather makes them susceptible to rotting, as does overfeeding the soil with too much fertiliser.
The limited variation observed at the NYSAES location may have resulted from confounding effects of other root rotting organisms.
Slime molds grow on rotting organic matter, especially bark, and are not at all harmful.