rotten borough

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an English parliamentary constituency with few electors

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There are occasions in Birmingham local government when even seasoned observers are forced to sit back, take a deep breath of fresh air and check that they have not somehow been transported to a Victorian rotten borough or, perhaps, the set of an edgy satirical political television drama.
We are now a Rotten Borough, in the old terms of Private Eye.
In a wild attack on Labour's devolution plans, Lang said Scotland would degenerate into "a rotten borough for Socialist policies" if Labour won power.
TALKING about gongs, that organ much-hated by the powerful, Private Eye, has published its Rotten Borough Awards for 2005.
John 'Two Jags' Prescott has the avoirdupois of a country squire not averse to brandishing a cudgel or two in support of his claim to a rotten borough seat in Westminster.
Winning Liberal Democrat candidate Carol Woods said: "The council has featured heavily in Private Eye's Rotten Borough column and we need to change its image.
Not since Blackadder's manservant Baldrick secured a 16,472-vote victory in the rotten borough of Dunny-on-theWold has public attention been so firmly focused on electoral skulduggery.
As Baldrick, Robinson stood and won a parliamentary seat in an 18th century rotten borough when his master needed to fix an election to support his employer, Prince George.
Theresa's proposed standards committee can hardly be trusted to deliver the remedy that the people of Birmingham desperately need if the ir city is not to be tainted with the name of rotten borough.
1832: The Great Reform Bill, an electoral measure which disenfranchised rotten boroughs, became law.
Back in the summer I suggested that open primary elections would be the way forward in safe seats or modern day rotten boroughs and have seen nothing since then to convince me otherwise.
They need to because many problems blighting the party today were seeded there and in rotten boroughs like it.
I'd been taught that the Reform Act of 1831 did away with rotten boroughs where the seat was controlled by a small clique.
The first Reform Bill, which abolished the rotten boroughs and gave the vote to many more workers, was drafted in his house and his Durham Report, in which he told the British Government they could not forever hold down the colonies and must give them self-rule, known as the Magna Carta of the Second British Empire, was the blueprint for the Commonwealth as we know it today.