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Synonyms for rotted

damaged by decay

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As Mary had rotted, she thought; as Bert and all the rest had rotted; as Tom and all the rest were rotting.
The windows are in good condition, but several sills have rotted in places.
31 crore have rotted in the godowns of the Food Corporation of India ( FCI).
Rotted Dioscorea rotundata (Ekpe line) tubers were collected from farmers in Ibaji yam farming area in Kogi State, Nigeria; healthy yam tubers were also bought from the same source.
Produce buyers for large national grocery outlets carefully scrutinize California potatoes for sunken and rotted tissue surrounding tuber lenti-cels, the small oval areas on the surface of a potato where air exchange occurs.
Jan Butterley of Nynehead Fruit said much of her May fruit crop rotted because she was 20 pickers short.
The city put up a wooden fence between the Julians' home and the property, but the wooden fence rotted and recently collapsed.
You should find that most of what has gone into the compost heaps has rotted down with the exception of the very uppermost layers.