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damaged by decay

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Now by the action of natural selection, all terrestrial plants have acquired a resisting power against bacterial diseases--they never succumb without a severe struggle, but the red weed rotted like a thing already dead.
All its prominent points were bruised and battered, or entirely rotted away.
THUU" ("It is dried up"--Literally, a rotted out tree-stump), said Mowgli; and motioning Kaa away, he picked up the ankus, setting the White Cobra free.
I do not know whether the iron bar was rotted with rust and came away in his hand, or whether he rent it out of the rock with his apelike strength; but the thing was in his hand, and with his dying energies he swung it over my head, as I knelt there unarmed beside him.
They look, in colour and in substance, like a bundle of rank leaves of swampy growth that rotted long ago.
The city would have died out, rotted, and exploded, long ago, but that it was reinforced from the fields.
Sometimes it rotted there; human justice called this "forgetting.
Kala had moved slowly along an elephant track toward the east, and was busily engaged in turning over rotted limbs and logs in search of succulent bugs and fungi, when the faintest shadow of a strange noise brought her to startled attention.
If it had been from the cold, ours would not have rotted either.
Meanwhile Nicholas Bulstrode had used his hundred thousand discreetly, and was become provincially, solidly important--a banker, a Churchman, a public benefactor; also a sleeping partner in trading concerns, in which his ability was directed to economy in the raw material, as in the case of the dyes which rotted Mr.
We changed our plans a trifle when it came to building the palisade, for we found a rotted cliff near by where we could get all the flat building-stone we needed, and so we constructed a stone wall entirely around the buildings.
As they stepped cautiously within an impalpable dust arose in little spurts from the long rotted rushes that crumbled beneath their feet.