rotor shaft

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the axis around which the major rotor of a helicopter turns

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However, Sulzer engineers used their experience and expertise to work around this, starting with a complete scan of the rotor shaft that was digitised into a 3D CAD model to work with.
The underwater contra-rotating turbines, which have been tested over the past few months, use blades that are placed vertically around the rotor shaft to capture energy from the tide as it comes in and goes out.
Crew chiefs, eyeball your Kiowa Warrior's tail rotor shaft cover hinge pins.
Should the future need arise to change a SRB split bearing, it will only be necessary to support the rotor shaft, eliminating the necessity and cost of crane hire.
Other features include permanently lubricated shielded bearings preloaded to reduce end play, and a dynamically balanced rotor shaft for smooth running.
The designers hung a neodymium-iron-boron magnet off the end of the rotor shaft to provide position triggering to the control phase switches.
An engine under test pulls in ambient air to operate, and a dynamometer also uses intake air to put a load on the engine's main rotor shaft. RAPTR can generate up to 3,500 shaft horsepower and up to 800 foot/pounds of torque.
Assembled with all-steel construction, thicker sidewalls, and a rotor shaft with solid steel discs, the RTI grinders are equipped with CNC-machined, scalloped rotor knives that are six times index-able.
The new design utilizes a feed auger that operates completely separately from the pump rotor shaft. This allows the auger to operate concentrically and be driven at a speed that is independent from the pump speed.
The last airworthiness directive is applicable to certain Airbus A300-600 series aircraft and requires modification of certain electrical looms of the nose and main landing gear and modification of the rotor shaft attachment of the nose and main landing gear tachometers.
There is substantially less flexing work between rotor shaft and disc, as the width of the disc is reduced from 10 mm to 7 mm.
The method comprises the steps of raising the speed of the rotor shaft in order to increase a temperature of a mixture made of vulcanized crumb rubber and a lubricant, such as oil, until a devulcanizing temperature is reached; and reducing the temperature of the mixture to a lower temperature during a second period of time.
Extended working life is further ensured, according to Abbeychart, by self-lubricating internal components with low start-up torque and a one-piece polished stainless steel rotor shaft also enhancing corrosion resistance.
It is low-speed, low-hp, low-noise and features a quick cleanout design, optimized positive-feed controls, oversized outboard rotor shaft bearings and employs an advanced single-cutting rotor with cutter inserts for long wear.