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the axis around which the major rotor of a helicopter turns

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I reached across the rotor head to check the security of the spider assembly that is on the far rotor blade.
If you notice nest-making material around your Chinook, go top-side and inspect the rotor head for stowaways.
When the rotors stopped, a plastic "Ritz Bits" bag floated down from the rotor head like a feather.
The patent specifically endorses GBA's collective pitch-controlled rotor head with infinitely variable pitch in gyroplanes.
The crew chief inspected the rotor head and found that the plastic pieces had flown off during disengagement and were not in the rotor head or anywhere within the airframe.
So when you're top-side on a bird and about to go the work on the rotor head, grab a bucket to cover the set.
After a normal shutdown, I reinspected the hydraulics bay and the rotor head for anything unusual.
The rotor head is a critical assembly which holds and rotates the main rotor blades of the helicopter.
Replacement requires removal of blades, rotor head and ram shield.
At one point, the pilots had to reengage the rotor blades to keep the blades from flapping, which could have damaged the rotor head and endangered the flight deck crew.
This assembly, known as the Main Rotor Pylon (MRP), is one of six major fuselage sections and houses the CH-53K's Main Rotor Head, the No.
For example, any time Black Hawk rotor head maintenance is done, the TM requires track and balance of the PC links of the pitch control rods including adjustments.
It usually takes about 6 hours for dry film lubricant, NSN 9150-01-260-2534, to dry at 70[degrees]F Then place the pins hack into the rotor head.
Bill-Jay, a manufacturer of rotor head components for helicopters and structural components for the aerospace industry, will become part of the company's Fenn Technologies business.