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a unit of weight used in some Moslem countries near the Mediterranean

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The aim of the changes is to give prison governors more autonomy to grant ROTL to offenders following a "rigorous" risk assessment.
"These findings strongly suggest that there is a beneficial impact from workplace ROTL," the MoJ's strategy document said.
"Those who fail to comply with the conditions of a ROTL can be returned to closed prisons where they may have to serve additional time."
* Respondents are confident that ROTL provides significant benefits both to people in prison and to the organisations that provide placements.
RNPH, SUGY, RODM, ROTL and RIMD were studied to analyze the response of sugar beet to different tillage methods.
ROTL can be granted for various reasons, such as to help prepare the offender for release."
Mean peak latencies (msec) of the VestEP components (I through VI) during rotation-to-the-right (ROTR) and rotation-to-the-left (ROTL) stimuli in patient 4 Stimulus I II III IV ROTR 80 135 315 435 ROTL 110 220 330 480 Normal 77 182 336 476 values [+ or -] 10 [+ or -] 9 [+ or -] 18 [+ or -] 16 Stimulus V VI ROTR 530 680 ROTL 600 705 Normal 632 802 values [+ or -] 19 [+ or -] 19
On changes in women's roles, see Lois Banner, Women in Modern American History (New York, 1974); Susan Strasser, Never Done (New York, 1982); and Sheila Rotl man, Woman's Proper Place (New York, 1978).
An important feature of the programme was the opportunity for some of the young men involved to be released on temporary licence (ROTL), making it possible for them to go out of the prison on work experience.
In a speech on Thursday, Mr Gove said the number of prisoners benefiting from release on temporary licence (ROTL) has fallen by 40% since 2013.
In addition to on-site activities, some children in the YOI had been allowed out on Release on Temporary License (ROTL) to attend local events with the birds of prey.